Deschutest1:place w:st="on">Deschutes County administers 3 GPS base stations which broadcast Real Time Kinematic (RTK) corrections and generate RINEX files. We also supply this RTK data

to the Oregon Department of Transportation (ODOT) which has incorporated these stations into the Oregon Real-Time GPS Network (ORGN). Both of these networks

broadcast from internet IP addresses, so you need a Rover with a modem or cell phone connection.


Deschutes County is now using the Oregon Real-Time GPS Network exclusively for our GPS RTK field work and recommends that surveyors who decide to use the local

GPS base stations in this area do the same.

Currently there is no cost to use the ODOT network, but you must create an account for each GPS Rover that you plan to use on the network.


The ORGN home page is:

The Rover Log-in Request form :

GPS Base stations broadcasting RTK corrections from Deschutes County Server

(And also ODOT ORGN Spider Server)t-weight: normal'>(And also ODOT ORGN Spider Server)

Bend Base Station:

NOTE: The ODOT values of the BENDf the BEND station differ from the original County values. A geodetic inverse from the original County Position to the new ODOT Position is:

Geodetic Azimuth 652756.6

Ellipsoidal Distance 0.09197 feet (international)

Ellipsoidal Height Diff 

La Pine Base Station:

(County and ODOT use the same values for this station)


Redmond Base Station:

(CORS - County and ODOT use the same values for this station)

Additional area GPS Base Stations broadcasting RTK corrections on the ODOT ORGN Spider Server:


Sisters Base Station (P387):

Santiam Jct. (P385):

Brothers (P389):normal'>Brothers (P389) {not operational yet}: